Year 6 Art

Creating a Mandala

Building on our work with Circles Art with Mrs P

Colour of Emotion

Photography and painting or drawing this week. Thinking about Children's Mental Health Week and the theme of 'Express Yourself'

Create Your Own Superhero

Use the skills you have learned over the last 3 weeks to create a comic strip Superhero: 2D to 3D Light and Shade Shadow Movement Spiderman- How his costume formed part of the 3D effect.

Circle to Spiderman

In week 1, we started with a circle and created some simple 2-Dimensional Art. In week 2, we began to turn our 2-D shapes into 3-D Art. This week, we are starting with a circle again and creating a picture of Spiderman.

Creating A Third Dimension

Art Lesson 2 with Mrs Phipps

Circle Art with Mrs P

A nice simple Art activity to start off with, to show that you can all join in.

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